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The Beauty of Algorithmic Art Book Project

Illustrations for Jim Plaxco's Beauty of Algorithmic Art Book
Illustrations for The Beauty of Algorithmic Art book

The Beauty of Algorithmic Art is a book project that is composed of a portfolio of my algorithmic art. I began this project in spring 2015. At the time I had decided to self-publish and so began the process of identifying a publishing provider. I wrote about my search in the blog post Blurb vs Lulu to Publish an Art Book.

A number of events resulted in a reprioritization of my projects and time such that work on my algorithmic art book was placed on hold. This decision was made easier by the fact that I wasn't really satisfied with the results of my investigation into using either Blurb or Lulu as my print-on-demand publisher/distributor.

As of October 2015 I restarted my search for a publisher. Unfortunately work on the book itself can not proceed until I have identified a publisher since each has its own requirements and/or software restrictions. At this point my objective is to identify a publisher by the end of November 2015.

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