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Female Art Gallery

The Female Art Gallery is a sub-collection of work from the Portrait Art Gallery. The subject of these painting is women and the female form.

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The Girl From Alpha Centauri digital art

The Girl From Alpha Centauri
Portrait of a girl from far away

Portrait of Amie digital art

Portrait of Amie
Portrait of a lady friend

Priestess digital art

A darkness not to be trifled with

Femme Fatale digital art

Femme Fatale
Stylized portrait of a femme fatale

Impression of a French Woman digital art

Impression of a French Woman
Wide eyed innocence of youth

Ooh La La digital art

Ooh La La
A digital starlet

The Female Archipelago digital art

The Female Archipelago
The thrill of island hopping

Girl With Guitar digital art

Girl With Guitar
A woman with a musical touch

What Am I Feeling Now? digital art

What Am I Feeling Now?
Wouldn't you like to know?

Seeing Is Believing digital art

Seeing Is Believing
buy can you trust your sight?

Aroused digital art

An inviting yet repelling pose

Screamer digital art

When life goes very wrong

Essence of Woman digital art

Essence of Woman
A Picasso-inspired Minimalist Portrait

Brigitte digital art

Name that famous actress

Digitally Enhanced digital art

Digitally Enhanced
My friend in 3D

Mettle digital art

The challenge of coping with life

Disturbing the Universe digital art

Disturbing the Universe
Title courtesy of Freeman Dyson

Multifaceted digital art

Aren't we all?

Neon Lady digital art

Neon Lady
A fluorescent lady

Net Girl digital art

Net Girl
Does she look familiar?

Electra digital art

Not Carmen but electric

Electric Blue Lady digital art

Electric Blue Lady
What Chicago lady does she remind you of?

Peacock digital art

In multicolored female splendor

Regret digital art

For a million missteps in life

The Mona Lisa labyrinth digital art

The Mona Lisa labyrinth
An elaborate digital maze

Elizabeth Taylor Portrait digital art

Elizabeth Taylor Portrait
In memory of a great actress