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Shuttle Power digital art

Shuttle Power

Shuttle Power is my tribute to the most versatile space vehicle ever flown. Unfortunately I never witnessed the launch of a Space Shuttle. I have seen the Space Shuttle on the launch pad. I did get to tour the Space Shuttle Simulator at the Johnson Space Center. I've even had the unique experience of visiting the Rockwell factory floor and seeing the Space Shuttle Endeavour up close while it was under construction. But I never saw a Space Shuttle launch and now I never will.

Title:Shuttle Power
Image Size:16.7 x 10.7 inches
Media/Paper:Original Giclee Print on Fine Art Paper
Edition:Limited to 5 Hand Signed Original Giclee Prints

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“Our nation is indeed fortunate that we can still draw on an immense reservoir of courage, character, and fortitude, that we are still blessed with heroes like those of the space shuttle Challenger. Man will continue his conquest of space. To reach out for new goals and ever-greater achievements, that is the way we shall commemorate our seven Challenger heroes.”

President Ronald Reagan