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Art Quotes

I've always had a fondness for quotations, especially those that succintly express a powerful idea. As Winston Churchill observed: "It is a good thing for an educated man to read books of quotations." and who am I to argue.

The quotations have been grouped into three broad categories: those dealing with art in general; those dealing specifically with computer art; and those dealing with astronomical art and space art.

Art Quotes Collection

  • A Collection of Abstract Art Quotesis a small sampling of quotes about abstract art and abstraction.
  • A Collection of Fine Art Quotesis a wide ranging collection of quotations about the traditional visual arts by artists and critics alike. These quotes are grouped into the categories of humourous, philosophical, and those that deal with the artistic process.
  • Computer Art and Artist Quotes is a collection of quotations that deal with computer art and the practice of digital artists.
  • Space Art and Astronomical Art Quotes is a small collection of quotations that deal with an area of art in which I took a very early interest in life, namely space art and astronomical art.