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Shattered Dreams digital art

Shattered Dreams

Shattered Dreams is a digital painting I created as the cover art for the 2010 International Space Development Conference Program Book. Simply put - the art is a political statement of my dissatisfaction with President Obama's decision to kill NASA's Constellation program and the planned return of humans to the Moon.

Title:Shattered Dreams
Image Size:10.7 x 16.8 inches
Media/Paper:Original Giclee Print on Fine Art Paper
Edition:Limited to 5 Hand Signed Original Giclee Prints

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“Knowing what we know now, we are being irresponsible in our failure to make the scientific and technical progress we will need for protecting our newly discovered severely threatened and probably endangered species - us. NASA is not about the 'Adventure of Human Space Exploration,' we are in the deadly serious business of saving the species. All Human Exploration's bottom line is about preserving our species over the long haul.”

NASA Astronaut John Young from The Big Picture