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A Gallery of Live Art Created at the Capricon Science Fiction Convention

Capricon Live Art Sound Art Landscape

Capricon Live Art Program - Sound Art Landscape

The following digital art was created in collaboration with the audience at a presentation of my Live Art program at the Capricon Science Fiction Convention on Feb. 11, 2011. The art shown here was created by five different programs, all of which used the sounds of the audience to drive the creation of visual imagery.

The Illustration

The illustration at the top of the page was created by combining two of the artworks created during the Live Art program (not included in the gallery selection below) and performing additional image manipulation using Adobe Photoshop. The title of the piece - Sound Art Landscape refers to my intent to select and work the two source images in order to suggest the presence of a city skyline with trees on the shore of a lake.

The Art Gallery

Click on the thumbnail to open a wallpaper version of the associated image in a new window.