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Jim Plaxco Art Copyright Information

All art and photographs created by Jim Plaxco that appear on the domain, as well as those works by Jim Plaxco that appear on various social media sites and any other domains are copyright protected by the United States government.

No use may be made of the art and/or photographs without the express written consent of Jim Plaxco with the following exception:

  • The wallpapers contained in the Free IPAD Algorithmic Art Wallpaper Gallery are free for personal use on digital devices. They may not be sold, repackaged, or redistributed without first obtaining the artist's written permission.

The unauthorized duplication or commercial use of any of Jim Plaxco's art and/or photography is prohibited by copyright law and such usage will be prosecuted.

To inquire about obtaining permission to use any of Jim Plaxco's art and/or photography:

or use the Artsnova Contact Form to send your inquiry.