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The art in the Computer Art Gallery features works of digital art that represent a symbiotic relationship between the artist and the computer. The art shown in this gallery is a subset of the art in the Visions Art Gallery and has as its unifying element the process used in its creation. These "paintings" have been created using a process that is part algorithmic and part digital painting utilizing software created by the artist.

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Bionic Cnidaria digital art

Bionic Cnidaria
Artificial Life from the Ocean Deep

Atmospheric Disturbance digital art

Atmospheric Disturbance
When tangible meets intangible

Flatland Multiverse digital art

Flatland Multiverse
Life in two dimensions

Desire digital art

The longing to touch

Impression of Water Lily digital art

Impression of Water Lily
Algorithmic Botany

Life Pulse digital art

Life Pulse
Abstract of life visualized

With A Flourish digital art

With A Flourish
A fluttering of robes

Fly digital art

This reminds me of a...

Fire and Water digital art

Fire and Water
The interplay of opposites

Finding My Center of Gravity digital art

Finding My Center of Gravity
A never ending quest

Dragonfly digital art

My favorite insectivore

Evolution of Form digital art

Evolution of Form
Order to disorder

Entanglement digital art

Not the quantum kind

Synthesis digital art

Pure thought

Thinking Elliptically digital art

Thinking Elliptically
Or thinking in circles?

Meow digital art

Name that cat

Cyber Synchronicity digital art

Cyber Synchronicity
Chaotic order

Chaos Totem digital art

Chaos Totem
It was preordained

The Butterfly Effect digital art

The Butterfly Effect
From the flap of wings

T-Rex digital art


Lovers Embrace digital art

Lovers Embrace
Where does one end and the other begin?

Ballerina digital art

Dance as art

Artificial Genome Flower Gamma digital art

Artificial Genome Flower Gamma
An experimental flower

Artificial Genome Flower Beta digital art

Artificial Genome Flower Beta
An experimental flower

Artificial Genome Flower Alpha digital art

Artificial Genome Flower Alpha
An experimental flower

Instability digital art

Because I don't know what it is either

Infographic digital art

People as statistics

All That Jazz digital art

All That Jazz
Musical impression


Machines have the power to become the ultimate interactive art-making tool. Computers are becoming postmodern blenders bringing together images, sound, and interactive, nonlinear space.

David Stout