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Algorithmic Art: Where Art, Computers, and Math Collide

Algorithmic Art Lecture

The presentation Algorithmic Art: Where Art, Computers, and Math Collide deals with the history of that form of computer art known as algorithmic art. The compositions seen in algorithmic art are compared with conceptual art, minimalism, abstract expressionism, and geometric abstractionism. Examples of important works and computer artists illustrate how algorithmic art has evolved over time.

Artist's discussed include Jean-Pierre Hébert, Ben Laposky, Frieder Nake, Georg Nees, and Manfred Mohr. Also discussed are some of the concepts and the different areas of computer art including chaos, fractals, and generative art. The presentation concludes with a brief overview of several free computer graphics software products that can be used for the creation of algorithmic art.

The length of this presentation is between 40 and 60 minutes. For scheduling and general inquiries please click the link below to send me an email.


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