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The Beauty of Algorithmic Art

The Beauty of Algorithmic Art Lecture

This presentation takes the audience on a visual tour through a virtual algorithmic art gallery. Topics covered include the origins of algorithmic art and subsequent developments, the various forms of algorithmic art, and provides a look at some of its most famous practitioners.

The presenter shares his own perspectives on the algorithmic art scene as well as insights into his own creative process, illustrated using selections from his own body of work.

The illustration above serves as an example of one form of algorithmic art. In this instance it is a digital self-portrait that has been algorithmically manipulated using a technique of 3D photographic manipulation.

The length of the presentation is adjustable to between 30 and 60 minutes, expandable to 90 minutes for those desiring a greater variety of representative works and deeper insights into the field's history and creative processes. For scheduling and general inquiries please click the link below to send me an email.


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“The heart of algorithmic art is the human imagination using algorithmic manipulations of mathematical equations to create aesthetically pleasing visualizations.”

Jim Plaxco