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Speaking of Art at Capricon Science Fiction Convention

Feb 11 2010

Digital artist Jim Plaxco will be appearing at the 30th annual Capricon Science Fiction Convention as a speaker, panelist, and particpant in the Capricon Art Show. In addition to participating in a variety of panel discussions, Mr. Plaxco will be giving two presentations during the four day science fiction convention that deal with art.

Algorithmic Art Lecture

Algorithmic Art: Where Art, Computers, and Math Collide

The presentation Algorithmic Art: Where Art, Computers, and Math Collide deals with the history of that form of computer art known as algorithmic art. The compositions seen in algorithmic art are compared with minimalism, abstract expressionism, and geometric abstractionism. Examples of important works and computer artists illustrate how algorithmic art has evolved over time. The presentation concludes with a brief overview of several free computer graphics software products that can be used for the creation of algorithmic art.

Art of Astronomy Lecture

The Art of Astronomy

The Art of Astronomy deals with the history and evolution of astronomical art. It discusses the differences between astronomical art, space art, and science fiction art and how each has influenced the other. Also addressed are the technological revolutions that influenced how artists depicted various heavenly bodies. The presentation concludes with a discussion of how anyone with a computer and internet access can download astronomical and planetary data from the various NASA space missions and create their own astronomical art.