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Digital Artist Jim Plaxco Featured at Regional Mensa Gathering

October 23, 2008

Schaumburg digital artist Jim Plaxco will be appearing this weekend at the Chicago regional Mensa gathering known as HalloweeM. This four day conference/gathering is being held at the Sheraton Chicago Northwest in Arlington Heights and features a number of speakers on a variety of topics.

Mr. Plaxco's presentation, titled Algorithmic Art: Where Art Meets Math, explores the history of algorithmic art and the role of the computer in its creation. "My talk begins with a discussion of non-representational art and focuses on abstract expressionism, conceptualism, and neo-conceptualism. Using this as a foundation, I proceed to make the case that algorithmic art is a valid art form." Mr. Plaxco's talk is principally an examination of algorithmic art in its various forms. This includes fractal art, evolutionary art, generative art, et al.

"You could say that my first exposure to computer graphics was all about algorithmic art. Computer Graphics was a brand new graduate level class offered by the NIU School of Art back in 1982. In that class the only art we could create was algorithmic because all the visual effects were achieved by writing lines of code."

Included as a part of the presentation is a live demonstration of the creation of algorithmic art.

Algorithmic Art Lecture

For further information and/or interviews, contact Jim Plaxco.