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Processing and Processing.js Experiments in Digital Art

In June 2013 I installed Processing 2 on my computer as a consequence of being enrolled in the Coursera class Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps. This digital media class uses Processing 2's ability to create Android apps. Processing 2 also incorporates the ability to create sketches using Javascript. Whereas previous versions of Processing created Java applets for use on web sites, Processing 2 has replaced applets with a Javascript version of Processing. This was done for two reasons. First in order to insure maximum usability and compatibility across traditional desktop and laptop platforms. Second to provide a means by which Processing sketches could be run on Apple's mobile devices (iPhones and iPads).

Getting the entire development environment working took some doing. For information about the challenges I encountered in getting the Processing 2 Android development environment up and running on my Windows laptop, see my blog post A Simple Android Processing Painting Sketch.

As I proceed through the Coursera Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps class, I will be publishing my Javascript projects here. At this time I have not yet decided if I will create Javascript versions of the Android apps that I create.

Update 03/26/16: For Processing users interested in developing on a Linux platform, I have written the following tutorial specifically for the Ubuntu Linux distribution: Installing Processing 3.x on Ubuntu Linux Systems Tutorial.

Processing.js Table of Contents

Processing Oscillating Ellipses Animated Painting - my first Processing.js sketch created 6/22/2013.

Party Lines - featuring dancing lines and audio is an independent homework project for the Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps class. Sketch published 6/30/2013. Modified 7/3/2013 to add a basic GUI interface.

Party Lines Sequel - featuring dancing lines, curves, ellipses, and audio is an independent homework project for the Creative Programming for Digital Media & Mobile Apps class. Sketch published 7/16/2013.

Simple Picture Painter - is a simple picture painter that uses a source photograph to determine what colors to draw. This sketch was the final project for the Coursera Introduction to Computational Arts: Processing class. Sketch published 2/27/2014.

Processing.js References

I am providing the following links as a courtesy to those who would like to learn more about Processing and Processing.js and perhaps create their own sketches.

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