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Space Art Gallery

The Space Art Gallery is a collection of my art whose theme is astronomy, space, our Moon, Mars, and space exploration. Art collections based on a specific subject are available in the following categories:

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New Space Astronaut digital art

New Space Astronaut
For the new frontier

Sands of Mars digital art

Sands of Mars
Mars hand colored

Titan Landscape digital art

Titan Landscape
Artistic impression of Titan

Astronaut Glory I digital art

Astronaut Glory I
A tribute to the Apollo astronauts

Blue Moon digital art

Blue Moon
A texturized and colorized moon

Rorschach Moon digital art

Rorschach Moon
A pastel moon and nebula

Abandon in Place digital art

Abandon in Place
A statement on our space program

Remembering Apollo digital art

Remembering Apollo
A t ribute to Apollo

Dissecting NGC4414 digital art

Dissecting NGC4414
A galaxy in Coma Berenices

Quantum Moon digital art

Quantum Moon
A quantum pointillist lunar impression

Dissecting NGC4414 v0 digital art

Dissecting NGC4414 v0
Alternate NGC4414

Fate of the Sister Star digital art

Fate of the Sister Star
Stellar supernova

Shuttle Power digital art

Shuttle Power
A Space Shuttle Tribute

Blue Moon Over Chicago digital art

Blue Moon Over Chicago
A lunatics delight

Mist World digital art

Mist World
An imagined exoplanet

Dustfall on mars digital art

Dustfall on Mars
Happy Birthday Robert

Earth Jazz digital art

Earth Jazz
Great place to live

Astronaut Glory II digital art

Astronaut Glory II
A tribute to the Apollo astronauts

Next Step: Mars digital art

Next Step: Mars
When will it happen?

Pickering Crater Mars digital art

Pickering Crater Mars
As seen by Viking

Space Ghost digital art

Space Ghost
For when it happens

Fantasy Island digital art

Fantasy Island
A fanciful landscape

Gray Moon Blue Earth digital art

Gray Moon
Blue Earth

A world of difference

Apple Moon digital art

Apple Moon
Take a bite

One Giant Leap for Mankind digital art

One Giant Leap for Mankind
A tribute to Apollo

Martian Sand Ripples digital art

Martian Sand Ripples
Ripples in Martian sand

Glacial Mars digital art

Glacial Mars
Mars in the distant past

Liftoff digital art

The euphoria of launch

Shattered Dreams digital art

Shattered Dreams
A Political Statement

Mistress Moon digital art

Mistress Moon
Antique impression