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My Twenty20 Digital Art Gallery

In February 2014 I created an account on, formerly Instacanvas. This online gallery was originally created as a means for photographers to sell photographs that had been taken with mobile devices and shared via Instagram. However, since both Instagram and Twenty20 now accept digital uploads, what can be shown, printed, and sold is no longer limited to mobile photography.

The art that I am selling on is art that is not exhibited here on my own site. If you are interested in the availability of limited edition original prints for any of my art exhibited on the site, please contact me:

or use the Artsnova Contact Form to send your inquiry.

  • Be aware that much of the art and photography that is available on Twenty20 has been cropped due to their 1:1 aspect ratio limitation.
  • Update: I have removed most of my artwork from due to their decision to make all work available for purchase via digital downloads. Artwork that has been removed is noted and the alternate seller identified.

Following are some examples of some of the artwork that is available. To see what is currently available, please visit my Twenty20 Art Gallery.

Clicking either the image or name will take you to that artwork's product page on the web site.